Our soaps are made ​​by hand according to traditional methods . They have many benefits for all types of skin , making it soft and idratata.Ogni soap also , the special properties related to the ingredients added.

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  • Handmade Soaps
    We present our line of handmade soaps , prepared with high quality ingredients . Natural and suitable for all skin types and different issues thereof. You will benefit from their property and their wonderful fragrances .

  • Aromatherapic Soaps
    Our aromatherapy soaps are of great value and quality . Each is infused with pure essential oils for an incredible natural fragrance and a great aromatherapy effect . Everything will perfume your bath for days , giving you a feeling of well-being, body and mind .
  • Tropicals Soaps
    Take a moment , close your eyes and immerse yourself in an exotic paradise leaving carry the aroma of this exceptional range of soaps . Their scent is reminiscent of tropical cocktail.
  • Luffa Soaps
    We are proud to present soap Loofah . It ' a soap designed to stimulate your senses . And ' it handcrafted with quality soap and loofah . Please note that the loofah is a natural product andtherefore refuses to conform to the standard mold . This entails that may escape from soap, be smaller or contain some seed .
  • SPA Soaps
    Recreated the feel of the spa ( SPA ) with our soaps line SPA . They are made with the finest quality ingredients and are designed to make you feel fresh and clean . Each of them has specialproperties to give that feeling , in addition, to be at the spa.
  • Trandy Soaps
    Our soaps are the nicest trendy , colorful and trendy look . What's more they have fragrances that stimulate pleasant smell. Have fun give these soaps from various shapes and colors appealing.
  • Olive Oil Soaps
    Take a look at these beautiful handmade soaps with olive oil.They are made with the finest ingredients to engage the senses of sight, smell and with good properties for the skin . Our olive oil soaps are made ​​by hand following the traditional cold.These soaps have many benefits for the skin, and do not contain SLS and paraben.The oil provides protection and softness , with rejuvenating and invigorating effect.Each soap has also added special properties related to the essential oil and other natural ingredients content.
  • Solid Shampoo
    The solid shampoo is made from vegetable oils of high quality, it creates a wonderful, dense foam, which acts as a natural conditioner for hair. It ' a natural alternative, ecological and economical as it does not use unnecessary packaging or bottles, nor pay for the transportation of water normally contained in the bottles and more , being solid, the airport will not give you problems at check in.
  • Christmas Soaps
    This particular range of Christmas themed soaps, as well as have designs likeable also the fragrances that suggest immediately to Christmas morning, full of memories and emotions.
  • Sweets Soaps
    For those who do not have enough to see desserts on their table , we propose the sweets that you can keep in the bathroom and that there will no problem with the line. Soaps colorful and captivating scents great especially suitable as a gift for every festive occasion.
  • Paper Soaps
    How many of you you were in a public toilet without soap ? Our soaps of paper are the solution to this problem. You travel a lot? Take it with you in your luggage and you will avoid any unpleasant surprises with leaking containers , gaining space in your suitcase . Compact , conveninete and easy to use ! Add water to these sheets of scented soap and instantly strasformeranno foam soap . Each sheet has the right amount of soap for washing . They are biodegradable and environmentally safe.