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  • Sponges Brushes &...
    Elegant , modern design and individually packaged .
    Aromatherapy products are complementary , and excellent
    to wrap a gift basket .
    N.B. They are made using wood Hemu that is a sustainable source.
  • Soap Dish
    We have a wide range of soaps door, suitable for all styles of furniture for your bathroom , such as soap dish elegant mother of pearl,from robust and immortal hard stone ( stealite ) , but also to the simple and elegant wooden soap dish .
  • Burn Essences
    We have different types of wood burning , for example those in stealite that are imported from India and are created by experienced craftsmen who work expertly stone to create these works of art that will then spread delicious aromas in homes , offices and shops .
  • Diffusers
    Diffusers 100ml stylish themed Marino, with fragrances that recall and recall the sea, the beach and the sea breeze.
  • Cutter for Soap
    Cutter for slicing bars of soap, available in different materials such as wood inlaid by hand, real jewels for those who produce homemade soap but does not know how to make perfect cuts .